About Aicha


A young girl moved to the United States from Guinea, West Africa nine years ago to pursue her education.  She spoke-a-no-english, but that didn’t matter (much) because passion and purpose is universal, right? She noticed something relatively quickly, about the things she loved the most:

When it comes to family, fashion, travel, and her creative lifestyle, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures tell tales that cross boundaries created by race, religion, gender, culture, and even language. So, that girl started documenting her journey from Africa to America, from being a girl to a woman, from becoming a wife to a mother, through her studies and her passion…in pictures.

Well, I am that girl, and you can call me Aicha.

Here I am, 9 years later. My English is much better; I am still pursuing my studies, and sharing my passion for fashion, travel, and all things motherhood, here on Tales & Turbans. Follow along in my journey as we learn together and grow together.


Important Things About Me:

  1. I always wear a scarf on my head, most times in the form of a turban, but sometimes a full hijab.
  2. I am a goofy person, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  3. I’m a college student, I work full-time, and when I get home, I jump right into my role of motherhood (and I love every minute of it).
  4. I have a passion for seeing women live life without limits.
  5. My most meaningful goal is to always take care of my family.
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